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Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Nitori International Scholarship Foundation

Nitori International Scholarship Foundation was established in March 2005 with a monetary donation from Akio Nitori, the Representative Director of this Foundation.

Our aim is to help international students from Asia to grant them scholarship to study in Japan, hoping to set up a mutual friendship and cultivate the human resources.

After changing our status to a public interest incorporated foundation on October 1st,2009, we have started helping international students from all over the world.

We have also helped students who suffered from the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

After celebrating our 10th anniversary, we have started expanding our network worldwide. Now, other than supporting international students inside Japan, we are also providing financial support to local students studying at universities overseas.

About us

"Hold on to your dream! `Elite students opening the door to the world`"
Get to know us by watching a video introducing Nitori International Scholaship Foundation.

(English 15min. version)
(English 7min. version)